Critic : Bali – rice farmer

What it is

It’s one of the first pictures I took in Bali. It’s a rice farmer in a field near Denpasar. We stayed in the car, rolled down the window and shot. The guy waved to us, we waved back, and went on our way.

What I like

  • The nice-looking clouds
  • The contrast between the various field states (green on the left, small shoots in the middle and just water on the right)
  • The lone farmer looking towards the camera, well placed in the lower third

What I don’t like

  • The palm tree in the middle of the field on the left. I should have framed more towards the right.
  • The foreground is not interesting, but cropping more removes too much stuff. I should have moved forward (and squatted down while I was at it).

Critic : Bali – fishing boats

What it is

This is a picture of the sea at Bali, Jimbaran. It’s a little south of Denpasar, near the airport, and near the largest fish market of the island. The beach is littered with garbage, and even with shoes we were careful where we stepped.

As a side note, Balinese people have a real problem with garbage. It’s literally everywhere. Even when we went on hikes where we met nobody, we still found plastic bags on the trail. You can learn more and donate to one of the associations trying to help with this problem here.

I took this picture with a Galaxy S3, thus the crappy image quality.

What I like

  • The juxtaposition of the beached boat with the ones in the sea
  • The “rule-of-third-compliant” framing
  • The colors of the sea and the boats

What I don’t like

  • There is garbage a bit everywhere on the beach. Not much I can do about it.
  • There are garbage bags on the right. I should have framed more to the left.
  • The boat could be less “aligned”, so that we could see a bit of its side. I should have moved right a bit.
  • The boat is cut on the left. I should have framed more to the left.
  • The “eye-level view”. I should have squatted down.